Health Promotion Ontario 2022 Webinar Series: Resilience, Recovery, and Renewal in Health Promotion

Health Promotion Ontario (HPO)’s Professional Development Subcommittee presents the 2022 webinar series, Resilience, Recovery, and Renewal in Health Promotion. What opportunities does the pandemic present to reshape health promotion? What has worked well with existing programs and what hasn’t? Now, more than ever, health promotion is needed to support intersectoral collaboration and renewed investments in healthy public policies.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about current best practices and innovative health promotion practices for the future, grounded in grassroots community development, policy building and disaster response.
  • Examine health communication and miscommunication during the pandemic – what worked and for whom?
  • Understand the role of schools in early childhood development, community development and physical and mental health.

Intended audience: health promoters, community developers, policy workers, public health professionals, students, researchers, etc.

Webinar 1: Opportunities and Optimism for Health Promotion – 03/10/2022

Learn about how the pandemic has shaped priority areas for action, the role of networks in advancing health promotion, and ongoing initiatives to blend traditional ways of knowing with health promotion.

Speakers: Robynn Collins, Irving Rootman, Patsy Beattie-Huggan, Lesley Dyck, Bronwyn Underhill, Vivian Recollet & Beth Luttenberger

Webinar 2: (Mis)informationad and (Mis)communication – 03/17/2022

Learn about digital equity and its impact on communication, building trust in an environment of mistrust, and counteracting pandemic misinformation, through recent examples from the field.

Speakers: Dr. Helen Hambly, Melissa MacKay, Kevin Parent & Amanda Higginson

Webinar 3: From the Kitchen Table to the Classroom – 03/24/2022

Learn about the impact of the pandemic on school health programs at a rural health unit and their plans and suggestions for the future, the importance of the physical health curriculum in supporting student wellbeing, and how food can be a vehicle for health promotion in schools.

Speakers: Amanda Mongeon, Chris Markham & Leslie Hanson