What is Health Promotion Canada?

our vision, mission, values

Our Vision

Our vision for HPC is that by 2026 we will be a vibrant, connected and effective collaborative working together to advance workforce development and action in health promotion.

So that by 2046, all health promoters are equipped to foster health equity and for all in communities across Canada.

HPC aims to be nationally and internationally recognized as the main source for supportive resources and to find a community of health promoters from every province and territory, sharing tools, resources and strategies for progressive health promotion practice.

HPC’s vision is to connect health promoters from every province and territory in Canada, sharing tools, resources and strategies to practice health promotion effectively, ethically and comprehensively.

HPC aims to be recognized in Canada as the go-to national association to enhance the capacity of Canadian health promoters that ultimately will promote health and health equity among communities empowering people to achieve their full life potential.

Our Values

We believe in the values expressed by the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.

We believe in working towards the following outcomes for society…  

    • Peace  
    • Social Justice and Health Equity
    • Ecosystem health
    • Empowerment

We believe we can get there by using the following processes…

    • Sharing and caring
    • Balance, respect and choice
    • Whole of government and community approach
    • Settings approach
    • Connectedness
    • Excellence

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the practice of health promotion in Canada.

HPC seeks to advance the practice of health promotion by supporting and uniting: 

  • students
  • researchers
  • practitioners and employers 

from across Canada in their efforts to collectively enhance health and create healthy and supportive settings.