Health Promoter Competencies’ Toolkit

resources to develop competencies for improved health promotion practice

The Health Promoter Competencies’ Toolkit provides a series of tools to support the use of the Pan-Canadian Health Promoter Competencies. The Toolkit is anticipated to be of interest to students and practitioners, and their managers and academic instructors.

The feedback from consultations conducted to-date and an evaluation of a draft version of the Tools has been used to develop the Toolkit’s contents.

Feel free to browse the various tools. Most are formatted as Word documents so that they can be easily adapted for use. If you are not sure which tool to use for a specific purpose, go to the Roadmap which lists a series of potential uses with links to specific tools.

Please note, the Toolkit is available to HPC members. Not already a member? Learn more about how to become a member!

Position Profile

This central resource supplements the competency set and glossary providing a rationale for health promoter positions, role summary, and proficiency level examples for each competency statement.

Student and Practitioner Tools

These include: a self-assessment tool; examples of specific outputs described in the competency set, such as a situational assessment, policy brief, and others; as well as development strategies to improve one’s competencies.

Manager Tools

These  include: a series of recruitment tools including job description examples, interview guide, and applicant assessment matrix. A competency-based performance appraisal template is also provided.

Additional Tools

These  include: a comparison between the health promoter competencies and the public health core competencies; a slidedeck describing the competencies and their uses that can be tailored to presenters’ needs; as well as stand-alone versions of the competency set and glossary.