What is Health Promotion Ontario?


With announced changes to the Ontario public health system, there is a great need to emphasize the importance of health promotion’s contributions to ending hallway care. Read more about how HPO and our community are responding.


What is Health Promotion Ontario (HPO)?

  • HPO is the ‘voice’ of those in the profession of Health Promotion across Ontario. HPO seeks to advance the critical importance of health promotion and its practice through professional development, membership, member communication, and advocacy.
  • HPO is a constituent society of the Ontario Public Health Association and has been active since 1987. 
  • HPO has over 170 dedicated health promotion professionals as members representing various public health units, community health centres, universities, and other health oriented organizations.

HPO is the founding Chapter of HPC and aligns with its vision, mission, and values.


Recent Events

HPO’s 2022 Webinar Series:

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Recent Events

HPO’s 2020 annual conference:

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  • Stay tuned for more upcoming events.

Recent Events

HPO’s 2018 annual conference:

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Get Involved

To get involved, please contact our Ontario Chapter:

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