Developing Health Promoter Competencies

strategies to develop the skills necessary to practice health promotion

The Self-Assessment Tool (en français), the Performance Appraisal Template and the Individual Learning Plan will support identifying areas for further development (i.e., learning, skill enhancement).

Developing competencies involves considering more than a formal training course.

Possible approaches to support application of new or higher proficiency levels of competencies include:

  • Developmental opportunities – this might include involvement in a special project, applying for a project grant, leading an initiative, conducting training sessions, presenting a report to management, etc. Such opportunities might exist within or outside your current role. For example, it is possible to create opportunities through involvement with a professional association or non-governmental organization.
  • Coaching/mentoring – this involves a supervisor or other more experienced individual with a specific skill or set of skills that he/she is particularly good at to provide constructive feedback and assistance in applying desired competencies.

The options for training depend upon the competencies of greatest interest. Potential sources of training opportunities include: (not exhaustive)

  • National Collaborating Centres for Public Health – these centres focus on knowledge translation frequently hosting workshops and webinar
  • The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres, established in 2012
  • Provincial and national public health association conferences/summer schools – often these conferences host workshops for skill development
  • Provincial and federal public health agencies – often host workshops and webinars
  • University centres for Health Promotion also host occasional workshops
    • Conferences
    • Summer schools
    • Workshops and webinars

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