Submission deadline: Wednesday, Febrary 28, 2024

The project/initiative award acknowledges outstanding health promotion projects or initiatives. HPO recognizes that many of the impactful health promotion efforts are the result of a collective effort of a team or community table, rather than the work of one individual. This category celebrates collaborative initiatives that positively influence the health of Ontario’s communities.

The award is a non-monetary honour, and is accompanied by a certificate of recognition.

The award is presented annually for projects/initiatives that may or may not fall in a specifically defined health promotion role. Nominations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Health Promotion: The nomination provides a clear and detailed description of the project/initiative, including how it uses one or more strategies from the Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion.
  • Teamwork: The nomination clearly describes the members who contributed to the project/initiative, including their level of involvement and their unique contributions to the project/initaitive’s successful implementation. 
  • Collaborative Effort: The nomination clearly outlines the team, and/or community partners involved in the project/initiative, and describes how the project team engaged with the community/partners to advance mutually shared interests.
  • Innovation:The nomination clearly describes how the project/initiative demonstrated innovation and/or creativity.
  • Impact and Effectiveness: The nomination includes a detailed description of the project/initative’s desired outcome and describes how the project/initiative successfully achieved its goals and objectives, including any performance or outcome measures. 

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Lori Chow Memorial Award for Excellence in Health Promotion-Project/Initiative (2024)